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Pakistan 3P Show

After the Guangzhou printing show, again, we cooperate with the best screen factory called Science art to display the latest technology of LED UV curing system and LED UV ink in Lahore Pakistan.

Pakistan 3P Show.png

Comparing with traditional UV ink, LED UV inks is more Eco-friendly, due to the LED UV dryer doesn��t release ozone, and LED lamp save more electricity, and now, with 3 years research and develop, We Meilianxing had finally make high quality LED UV offset and screen inks and varnishes which that can be compatible with most LED UV curing systems as it��s fast cured and excellent adhesive.


Pakistan people are really nice, they are hospitality and strong curiosity, the booth is full of people during these 3 days, questioning and consulting everything, and everyone is happy with the outcome of the print, the prints are even empty at the end, it��s yellow free and really high glossy.


Pakistan 3P Show1.png


Speaking LED UV screen varnishes, we already have high gloss varnish, wrinkle varnish, spot varnish, abrasive varnish and so on.