The Spirit of MEG Bangladesh

       Fight for career gratefully.

Core Mission��

       We provide people with high quality products and service��what makes their life safer, happier and more comfortable.

Core Values��

       Working hard��innovating constant , pursuing excellence.

       Working Hard:

       A: Pursuing career��having own long-term ideal.

       B: Concentrating on business��having a spirit of enterprise and dedication.

       C: Working with passion and audacity��facing up to trouble manfully.

       D: Making a goal and fight for.

       E: Having a strong sense of responsibility and mission.

       Innovating constant:

       A: Innovating constantly and bravely in products and management.

       B: Searching for the better solution��in order to a perfect result.

       C: Learning others and catching up with.

       Pursuing Excellence:

       A: Keeping striving for excellence on everything��in order to be the best.

       B: Self-disciplined with high standards.

       C: Self-criticism��improving and perfecting the weekness.

The Pursuit of Customers, Service and Attitude��

       Moving you with heart.

Talent Concept:

       Everyone is a talent , not race horses��being in MEG��as long as you have the ability��with your effort at the same time��we prepare space for you to development.

Executive Culture:

       The highest standard of administration is��decision��system��process and promise.

Team Culture:

       Everyone is a part of team��improve with the company��s progress��success with teamwork.

Quality, Policy and Goal:

       A: Everyone do his job��checking at each link��strictly follow to.

       B: Always concentrating on quality improvement��there is no best but better.

       C: We hold to the purpose of ��strict��chariness��real��constant����be a good megman ,provide high-quality products ,and let customers pleased with us.

Attitude to work and study:

       To be a good megman, be active and improve 1% everyday�� be Rowan from ��A Message to Garcia��.