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Service concept:
Customer satisfaction, people-oriented;
Meilianxing product design always with market demand oriented, truly satisfied customers, adhere to the customer as the center, the full implementation of the "customer satisfaction" as the criterion, to create more value for every customer.
Service commitment:
1�� all-weather response: unified national call center, a 24-hour service hotline (free long distance): Meilian: 0755-27323373; day Monday to Friday (9; 00 - 18:00), Saturday morning (9:00-12:00) to provide online consulting service;
2�� the user since the purchase of products from the date, if encountered any product problems, can directly call the Chaowei after-sales service hotline, or online communication, online message. User registration of user information from (a telephone return route) - a solution - process feedback, feedback and result feedback - end of a return visit. To follow the whole process of management, so that you can buy peace of mind, with ease.
3�� explain the service: to end users on the use of products and maintenance of common sense to guide users to use, extend product life.
One stop service: such as the channel customers have to order demand, business assistant will order, follow up feedback, product transport one-stop service.
4�� transposition thinking - respect for the user, standing in the user's position to consider and solve the problem;
Honest -- to users courtesy, enthusiasm, patience, meticulous, fully embodies the customer care;
Regularly visit - to seek the views of users, to listen to the voice of the user, to ensure that 100% of the user satisfaction.
Service process:
1�� a message on the official website or call the meilianxing meilianxing customer service hotline to repair, consulting;
2�� meilianxing service center customer service representative will provide professional advice and solutions for you;
3�� customer service representative meilianxing telephone products processing results;
4�� meilianxing customer service representative will explain you are using common sense and use products in return;