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Water-based Handle Varnish
Product Name:

Water-based Handle Varnish


1) May get a effect of full matt(gloss less than 3),

flocking surface, smooth and elastic.

2) Environmental protection.

3) Excellent rub and scratch resistance.

4) Good leveling, and steady printing suitability.

Suitable substrates:

Ivory boards, chrome paper, gold&silver cardboard, matt films, specialty paper, apply to alcohol and tobacco packaging etc hard base printing.

Scope of application:

Silk printing, coating, offset printing attachment glazing, gravure glazing.

Technology Data:

Appearance: Milky white liquid

Solidity Content: 28��1%

Viscosity: 500-1000 cps at 25 ��

PH Value: 8.0-9.0 (in the process of printing, keep it unchangeable, add hartshorn to adjust.)

Diluent: water

Meshcount: 200-400 m/in

Anilox roller argument: 60-80L/in

Gravure depth: 55-65��

Drying: oven temperature 60-90, drying with hot wind would be better.

Cleaning: After finished printing, should immediately clean roller with water(generally speaking) to avoid ink drying. If it happened, clean with 1% hartshorn.

Curing agent: to change water resistance, rub resistance, adhesion and chemical resistance, use 2%-5% of the amount of handle varnish.



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