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UV Gravure Printing (flexographic printing) Snow Flake

Product Name:

UV Gravure Printing (flexographic printing) Snow Flake


1) Apply to UV sheet-fed gravure press or anilox

roller printing press.

2) Substrates: gold&silver cardboard, laser

transfer paper, etc tobacco packaging.

3) Snow type fine, soft and smooth, excellent

visual effect.

4) Good printability, high efficiency and strong

stereo sense, steady for storage.

5) Environmental friendly, accord to VOCS of tobacco accessory printing.

Technology Data:

1) Surface: Ivory or faint yellow liquid.

2) Curing speed: 8KW*3 group middle-high pressure mercury lamps, 1pcs is used to form snow flake

and others deeply curing.

3) Printing Method: gravure press or anilox roller online printing.

4) Agent: professional UV gravure printing snow flake diluent.

5) Diluent: UT series professional diluent .





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