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UV Dusting Powder Crystal Varnish

Product name:

UV Dusting Powder Crystal Varnish

Suitable Substrate:

Paper, BOPP, PVC, PC, etc films.

Scope of Application:

Card, hand bag, calendar, stationery, accessories, Disney products.


1) UV curing quick.

2) High accrete capability.

3) Excellent transparent. It��s not easy dissolve with powder.

4) Chemical resistance.

Technology Data:

1)Surface: Faint yellow, transparent half flow fluid.

2)Curing speed:(120 W/cm ��2-3 Hgs ,Lamp 

wavelength 250-400nm),Generally speak

printing speed is 15-55m/min .

3) Screen plate: 60-90 meshcount, plate.

5) Diluent: UT series professional diluent.








Meilianxing ��Shenzhen��Ink Co., LTD is a UV ink flagship corporation in China and was formed in 2001, one of the largest domestic UV ink centers, which specialized in r&d production��sales and after-sales service. we manufacture all our own inks and solvent products(including meg, gold cercis and haose), we do not buy-in and re-sell other brands.



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