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Water Based Snow Pile of Braille Dusting Powder
Product Name:

Water Based Snow Pile of Braille Dusting Powder

Suitable subsrate:

Paper and card board

Scope of application:

Card, hand bags, stationery, gift box, etc.


1) Water based ink do not include organic solvent. Its environmental protection.

2) Good flexibility and excellent adhesion.

3) easy stick with powder.

Technology Data:

1) Surface: cream fliud.

2 ) Curing speed : IR 120��,10-15m/min or 20 minutes in nature . 

3) Printing meshcount: 30-120 mesh.

4) viscosity:5000-10000cps at 25 ��

4) Diluent: Water based professional diluent .


1) IR drying (120��) ,Curing speed 10-15m/min or drying 20 minutes in nature.

2) Churned up adequately before use . Stop 3-5 minutes and then printing. Please seal & store after finished.

3) Can get different thickness and dusting effect with different meshcount , be in Braille dusting powder effect at 100-200 ��.

4) Please clean the mesh plate with cleaning agent when sealed. After evaporate fully and then to start printing.

Effect Picture:

Water-based Snow Pile:SUZ-05


Water-based Embossing Snow Pile:SUZ-05T




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